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Airline Travel bag - Rome Bike Bags [2] 02/2006 August 2006 on United from Denver to Rome 08/2006
Bicycle Travel Bags and Bicycle protector Bags. Law Rome 10/2011 Bike Box Storage 02/2000
Bike Rental -- Rome, Italy 03/2000 Bike rental and tours in Tuscia (Rome, Italy) 08/2002
Bikes on trains in Italy 08/2004 British Airways: Bikes fly free! 06/2004
Continental Airlines/Fiumicino Airport 05/2002 Custom bikes with custom boxes 11/1998
Emirates Airline bike friendly in 2011 03/2012 Fiumicino airport - Rome won't take bikes unboxed (flying Emirates) 05/2004
Renting bikes in Italy [3] 09/1997 Rome Airport ?? 07/2006
Rome Airport to the train station 09/2004 ROME to airport with a bicycle 10/2005
Rome, Italy [7] 02/2001 Taipei / Taiwan - Kuala Lumpur - Rome with Malaysia Air 07/2003
Trains in Italy 09/2000  

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